BLACKOUT — Portrait story of Artist Vicky Steckel

Vicky Steckel, BLACKOUT.

Personal Work

I had the very special privilege to collaborate with artist Vicky Steckel for a portrait series. Normally she is not in front of the camera, so this was different process for her.  She had a specific vision she wanted to work toward, and with the help of her assistant, Nicole Mosquera, we created our own world for an afternoon.

Full series now on my Portfolio site.

To see more of her work.
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City Life – ROME (Series)


One more from the series of my personal work, “City Life”.


CITY LIFE - NEW YORK (series) by Jason Riker

Personal work ✌🏽

At home with – Araminta Atherton

At home with - Araminta Atherton, by Photographer Jason Riker

“At home with” — Araminta Atherton is a British-born Art Director and Designer living in New York City.

📷 My ongoing personal series of compelling New Yorkers I’ve met so far.  More to come.

Where Are They Going Theatre Company

Where Are They Going Theatre Company

You really should visit their Facebook page and see what this exceptional theatre group is doing.
I had the pleasure of working with them on their production of Extinction by Gabe McKinley.  With Sawyer Spielberg, Gabe Mckinley, Brynne Kraynak, Eric Svendsen and Raye Levine.

Where Are They Going Theatre Company

Gabe McKinley

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