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Hulu Drama ‘Less Than Zero’ cast Keenan Jolliff

Quick shout-out to another good friend of mine, Keenan Jolliff for his new role in HULU’s ‘Less Than Zero’.

Keenan Jolliff - Actor, NY - 5 moments portrait series, no 4. by Photographer Jason Riker

Hulu has rounded out the cast for its drama pilot Less Than Zero, an adaptation based on Bret Easton Ellis’ novel, from Ellis, Greenleaf creator Craig Wright and Fox 21 Television Studios. Joining lead Austin Abrams are Lily Donoghue (The Goldbergs), Cooper Koch (Fracture), Keenan Jolliff (Rebel in the Rye), Ronen Rubinstein (Dead of Summer) and James Bloor (Dunkirk).”

Source: Deadline Hollywood