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Bed-Stuy Twenty Five – Portrait Series

"Bed-Stuy Twenty-Five" (Series) image-08 Photo: Jason Riker"Bed-Stuy Twenty-Five" (Series) image-04 Photo: Jason Riker"Bed-Stuy Twenty-Five" (Series) image-07 Photo: Jason Riker"Bed-Stuy Twenty-Five" (Series) image-02 Photo: Jason Riker"Bed-Stuy Twenty-Five" (Series) image-06 Photo: Jason Riker

“Bed-Stuy Twenty Five” — (Preview)

I recently moved to Bed-Stuy and wanted to photograph and share some of the people I have met in the neighborhood to show the inclusion and diversity here “by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

As neighborhoods change, often the history and the people who made it special are overshadowed by whatever the current buzzword is for the next neighborhood people want to move to.  Something that is a part of NYC culture it seems.

I’ve lived in many different states, cities and even different parts of NY and for me, Bed-Stuy has been the most magnetic, friendly and real.  Sure it has its challenges. There is no perfect neighborhood, apartment, job, etc. but it has an honesty and a genuine nature that so many other parts of NYC simulate.

Project includes: shop owners, postal workers, people I met off the train, in the park and playing chess and just walking around in the neighborhood.

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