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Off the Grid — words by Ginger Riker

"Off the Grid" (series) Photo-Jason Riker

Words by: Ginger Riker

A grid tries to control space. We want regularity where there is none.

We’re all moving in a shared space. A shared imagination. We try to map it.

What happens when we try to map the body? The body has an odd symmetry that’s slightly off. Our bodies bend to our environment even if we deny they do. They’re curvilinear and unpredictable.

Underneath the skin, there is emotional roiling. We’re all tumultuous seas that pretend we’re serene. We’re all fighting to hold it in.

Your body resists the grid. It’s built on a circle of life and death, which is never a straight line.
It’s hard to see your own body as it is, with everyone else’s desire projected on it.

You will get lost, even on a grid. The stream of people will pick you up and carry you downriver, far from your destination.

You are a glowing dot on a map — a pickup point. A human in uncharted space.