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Open road and one frame


In the mid-90s I was working as a photography assistant for Richard Reens and had a memorable project in Utah.  This was the age of light meters, polaroids and film — that I was fortunate to experince.  Looking back I remembered the limitation of frames/cost/film/processing made you think about what you shot.  Something quite different in our age of over shooting (which I’ve done myself).


This one frame occured somewhere out west, flying down the highway and looking out the passenger window.  I was checking gear, cleaning it and prepping it for our next location and was looking through the lens of a canon 35mm body with a polaroid film back on it.


I didn’t know that this house was coming up on us — and only after several minutes until the polaroid developed, did I see what the image was.  Something most people can’t imagine today in the age of instantaneous everything.

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